Partying with the Cameroonians

Cameroon 8-11-12 072On Saturday morning, Mayor Patrick Murphy, City Councilor Marty Lorrey and City Councilor Rita Mercier (an honorary Cameroonian) celebrated with members of Lowell’s African community in honor of the 20th birthday of CAMOLA (Cameroonians of Lowell Association).

The association serves as a support system for local African immigrants and their families, as well as works to promote cultural understanding among all people, and supports schools both in Cameroon and in Massachusetts.

Lowell enjoys a Sister City relationship with Bamenda, Cameroon.

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3 thoughts on “Partying with the Cameroonians

  1. Great pictures Jen-tell Rita she looked awesome! I knew this job would be great for you-you get to write, you get to take pictures, meet people go to parties-you’re in hog heaven!

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