Next Generation Giving Circle Event Tuesday Night!

Forget the Brown/Warren debate. Forget Monday Night Football. Forget Orioles Vs. Yankees. All lightweights.

The most epic bare-knuckle battle of the week is at Garcia Brogan’s Tuesday night. It is there that three arts organizations will fight to the death (okay, there probably won’t be any death), to walk away with the top prize: a  $1,000 mini-grant in the Next Generation Giving Circle’s first ever Challenge Night. The two “losers” will also walk away as winners — going home with smaller grants.

The contenders are:

  • 119 Gallery, of Lowell: An organization providing space and support for contemporary and new media art, innovative ideas and cutting-edge techniques. Also, a great space for live music.
  • FreeVerse! of Lowell: An organization, under the direction of the extremely talented Masada Jones, focused on introducing and nurturing the culture of spoken word poetry to the youth of the city.
  • 3Rivers Arts, of Groton: A regional arts organization touching, inspiring and connecting individuals through the power of the arts.

Each contender will “pitch” to those in attendance, similar to the entrepeneurs who work to reel in wealthy investors on “Shark Tank.” The organization who receives the most votes will leave with the top prize.

The Next Generation Giving Circle, founded through the Greater Lowell Community Foundation earlier this year, is a group of young professional with a desire to get involved in and raise money for community non-profits; a foray into philanthropy that doesn’t require the giver to own an impressive investment portfolio.

“What excites me about NGGC is the opportunity to pool resources with other young professionals to make an impact in the community,” said Danielle McFadden, President of the Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce and a NGGC member. “Nonprofits are the heart and soul of the Merrimack Valley and it’s empowering to support them in such a concrete and exciting way.”

 “Giving community programs an opportunity to grow is very important,” said Sovanna Pouv, a founding member of the Next Generation Giving Circle. “When I was younger, community programs like these were what gave me my opportunity to grow as a person.”

NGGC founding committee member James Ostis aid the organization is looking for new members who share a passion for making our community a better place. “I think anyone who is interested should definitely check out Challenge Night and see what NGGC is all about.”

The event is October 2, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Garcia Brogran’s, 131 Middlesex St, Lowell. Tickets are $25, available at the door, and include refreshments and the opportunity to view and vote on the presentations. Entrance is free with purchase of a $120 annual membership to NGGC.







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