Help Ciara Keep On Moving

Ciara Rosario is a diva.

She loves to party late into the night; she loves watching professional wrestling.

What does she really want? A Mercedes? A Coach purse? A date with John Cena? Nope. She wants her mobility. She wants to continue to be able to be treated at Boston hospitals to maintain and improve her quality of life. She wants to continue enjoying outings to the mall, the movies and the park.

She needs a new handicapped-accessible van.

Ciara, 24, was born with Spina Bifada, a birth defect resulting from the failure of the spine to properly close during the first month of  pregnancy. It has left her paralyzed from the waist down.

“My fear is that the van will break down on the way to Boston and we will not be able to get into the city for doctor’s appointments anymore,” Ciara’s mother, Enid DeCastro, who works in the Auditor’s office at City Hall, said of the family’s 12-year-old van.

Ciara is prone to infections and other ailments and it is imperative that she is seen by specialists in Boston on a regular basis, DeCastro added.

Ciara’s electric wheelchair weighs 200 pounds and DeCastro said there is no way she can get both the chair and Ciara into her small car.

Family and friends have been working hard to raise the $48,000 needed to procure new wheels – and having fun while doing it.

Last month they threw a bash at the All-Star Lounge on Merrimack Street. Ciara partied until 1 a.m.

“She didn’t want to go home, it was fun,” said DeCastro. “The owner of the All-Star Lounge has been great; they are the only club downtown that would let us have a fundraising party.”

On Friday October 26 from 8 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. the party continues – this time in costume. The Halloween-themed fundraiser will be packed with fun, dancing, raffles . . . and possibly some tricks and treats.

Costumes are required. For more information, contact Enid at 978-596-7570.

For those who are unable to attend the party, donations can be sent to Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union c/o Handicap-Van Fundraiser for Ciara Rosario, P.O. Box 1238, Lowell, Ma. 01853 or in person at any Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union location.


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