It’s Official!

I’m happy to announce that Room50 is now officially an “official” city blog (which means I can write it during the work day).

From the updated “About” section:

Lowell, Massachusetts (est. 1826), hometown of Jack Kerouac, telephone numbers and Moxie is the fourth largest city in Massachusetts and is run under the Plan E (City Manager-City Council) form of government.

Patrick Ó. Murphy has served as Mayor of Lowell since January 2012.

One of Mayor Murphy’s goals since becoming Mayor has been to make the office more open and welcoming to all Lowellians regardless of age, class, or ethnic background, as well as to improve communication between City Hall and residents of the community.

The mission of this site, the official blog of the Office of the Mayor, is to tell some of the “untold” stories of the city, as well as to engage all residents to let them know their civic participation is welcomed and crucial to the continued growth of the city.

Comments are encouraged, but will be moderated for language and content.

Blog post ideas are always welcomed and can be directed to Mayor’s Aide Jen Myers at

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