Want to Save $$ on Drugs?

imageLowell, MA –  NeedyMeds, a Gloucester-based non-profit organization, established a partnership in December 2011 with the City of Lowell to provide prescription drug discount cards to residents. Since the program’s inception, the cards have saved Lowellians more than $20,000.

Participating pharmacies offer a discount of up to 80 percent for prescription drugs. The average savings is 50% or around $30 per prescription.

The cards are currently accepted at more than 70,000 pharmacies nationwide, with over 30 located within a 5-mile radius of downtown Lowell. Participating pharmacies include CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Hannaford, Rite Aide and Pawtucket Pharmacy. The cards can be shared with family members or friends, and they have no expiration date.

NeedyMeds’ drug discount cards may be used to obtain a discount on prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, or medical supplies written as a prescription, as well as pet medications that can be purchased at a pharmacy.

The card can be a lifesaver for people without health insurance. People with health insurance can benefit from the card if:

  • The insurance has no drug coverage.
  • There is a high drug deductible.
  • There is a low medicine cap that has been met.
  • There is a high co-pay and the card offers a better price.
  • The patient is in the Medicare Part D donut hole.

The discount cards cannot be used in combination with any private or government-sponsored health insurance program. They cannot be used to lower a co-pay, but consumers can compare the savings offered by the card versus the cost of the co-pay before purchasing a prescription.

Each time the Lowell card is used, the City of Lowell receives a small amount that helps to fund city-wide health-related projects. The card is available at many locations throughout Lowell, including the Mayor’s Office, the Health Department, the Senior Center, and various local social service agencies. There is no charge to obtain a card, and participants do not need to provide any personal information.

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