Lowla Bear in Hibernation — Winterfest Postponed

We all love Lowla Bear, but sometimes she can be a stubborn diva. We have tried, but she is refusing to come out of hibernation for Winterfest this weekend.
The city’s Special Event Czar Chris Samaras has spent countless hours this week outside her downtown loft (you didn’t think a city bear would hibernate in a cave did you?) trying to lure her out with her favorite Alaskan smoked salmon — to no avail.
She did send him a text, agreeing to come out, in exchange for some of Sweet Lydia’s s’mores, on Feb. 22. So, Winterfest will now take place Feb. 22 and 23, instead of this weekend.
Ok . .. the real story is that there is too much snow predicted for our area for Winterfest to be safe and/or feasible.
Now that you’ve read my foolishness, here is the official statement from our Supreme Leader, City Manager Bernie Lynch:
“Unfortunately, the weather forecasts are predicting too much winter to hold Winterfest this weekend. The tents wouldn’t be safe with the kind of snowload that is likely to occur and the DPW needs to be clearing roads and sidewalks and wouldn’t be available for Winterfest set-up,” he said.  “Plus, we want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy the fun of Winterfest; given the forecasts we think many people would wisely stay off the roads. Later in February we can celebrate the near end of Winter.”
imageThe WinterFest Committee is currently hard at work on logistics for this change in schedule, and encourages the public to visit Lowell.org and LowellWinterFest.org for program updates as they happen. As of today, all the major components of the event — the Microbrew Competition, the Soup Bowl Competition, Club Celsius Live Music Tent, and the National Human Dogsled Competition — are still taking place as planned, on Feb. 22 and 23.

1 thought on “Lowla Bear in Hibernation — Winterfest Postponed

  1. Wise decision to postpone but it’s one of those “damned if you do and damned don’t” situations. See you on February 22-23.

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