Save Energy, Save $$, Save the World . . .

energySince partnering with the city of Lowell last summer, Next Step Living has worked with city homeowners on energy efficiency improvements expected to save them a combined $70,000 annually.

More than 1,100 residents have signed up for Mass save Home Energy assessments, with 490 homes having completed the no-cost inspection by Next Step Living. As part of the two-hour assessment, the company provides: free compact fluorescent lights, free installation of a programmable thermostat, free installation of low flow shower heads and faucet aerators.

Of the homeowners who completed the energy assessments, 102 chose to take additional weatherization steps covered under the Mass Save Program that resulted in significant additional energy cost savings.

The Mass Save Program now covers 75% (up to $2000 off) of the cost of additional insulation added to the home, generous rebates for high efficiency heating and hot water equipment and 0% financing offered through the HEAT Loan Program on eligible energy efficiency improvements.

More than $5,500 compact fluorescent lights have been installed and 99 tons of greenhouse gas emissions avoided.  The carbon offset of the effort in Lowell so far is equal to 2,500 trees growing for 10 years.

To schedule a Home Energy Assessment with Next Step Living please call 866.867.8729 or visit

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