Brand Lowell

This excellent 4 minute video is a taste of what Subes and Soumita Acharya are planning to bring forward with the help of LTC’s Peter Tsaklis in their movement to erase the inaccurate negative perception those who have never been to Lowell have about the city.

It started last year when the Acharyas were house hunting. They were dissuaded by colleagues, friends and even real estate agents from looking in Lowell. They were told it was dirty and not safe.

Following a visit to Lowell to bring their young daughter to the circus, they began to look around. They liked what they saw and purchased a condo.

The perception of their new culturally diverse, historically and architecturally rich home as a rowdy, crime and drug infested city did not sit well with the new Lowellians. They are working to erase that perception, and rebrand the city as a place for families, art, culture and business, the best way they know how – through documentary film.

It is a non-profit labor of love, their way of giving back to their adopted hometown; the city in which they will raise their daughter.

The website,, will remain advertisement and clutter free; Never to be a for-profit venture.

For more information contact Subes Acharya at 508-395-6379 or by email at

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