UTEC Seeks AmeriCorps Volunteers

2012-2013_americorps_0Don’t these folks look like happy, productive, world-changers? Want to be one too? You are in luck!

The United Teen Equality Center (UTEC) is seeking a new crop of AmeriCorps volunteers. What’s it all about?

“AmeriCorps Members serve UTEC’s youth directly as mentors, tutors, role models, and overall general “go to” people,” said Melany Levesque, UTEC’s AmeriCorps Coordinator.  “They spend their time in our Organizing, Education, Workforce Development, Enrichment, and Transitional Coach (Case Managers) departments organizing events, supporting UTEC staff, and-above all- forming positive, meaningful relationships with our young people.”

Candidates must be 18 or older, dedicated, hard-working, passionate and interested in becoming youth workers.

Members are asked to serve 1700 hours at UTEC over a span of 47 weeks (August 2013 to July 2014), and upon completion of the program, receive over $5,500 in an Education Award used for past education expenses, or future ones. Members receive a stipend  of $12,100 (pre-tax) for the service year. Childcare is available if eligible and AmeriCorps Members are able to receive forbearance for their qualified student loans. The United Teen Equality Center provides skills training, opportunities to build your resume and work portfolio, career counseling at the end of your service, and resources throughout the year to provide support and guidance.

Application Process: For consideration, send resume and letter of interest; or for further information, email Melany Levesque at mlevesque@utec-lowell.org. For more information about UTEC, please visit http://www.utec-lowell.org/programs/americorps. Additional information about AmeriCorps can be found at www.americorps.gov.

The application deadline is April 1.




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