Growing Community . . . One Seed at a Time

imageFrom our friends at Mill City Grows:


Saturday, April 27, 9AM – 5PM

A full day of spring cleanup and building four community gardens unites Lowell neighborhood groups and organizations in the spirit of friendship and beautification

[LOWELL, MA – April 22, 2013] – Lowell non-profit organization Mill City Grows (MCG) preps the City for spring in collaboration with local partners at their “Sowing the Seeds of Community: Garden Build Day,” Saturday, April 27, from 8AM to 5PM. Hands-on focus will be on cleaning up grounds, building garden beds, and transforming lots into four thriving community gardens within the following Lowell neighborhoods: the Acre, Lower Highlands, Centralville, and Back Central. Everyone is welcome to be a part of this community-wide event, which also includes breakfast, lunch, and a special end-of-the-day BBQ dinner for all volunteer participants.

Each of the four community garden sites will have a morning shift (9AM – 12PM) and an afternoon shift (1PM – 4PM), so volunteers can select any shift that works with their schedule. Refreshments, tools, and training will be provided, but participants are welcome to bring their own garden supplies to use or share with others. The entire event is an inspiring example of ongoing partnership and collaboration between Mill City Grows, Coalition for a Better Acre (CBA), Lowell Alliance for Families and Neighborhoods (LAFN), and Acre Coalition to Improve Our Neighborhood (ACTION).

“Community engagement and environmental health are two of the strongest cornerstones of our values,” says Lydia Sisson, Lowell resident and co-founder of Mill City Grows. “When people have equal access to land and develop a bond with their surroundings, a real relationship to their environment is forged. You can see that sense of pride get stronger and stronger as growers and residents unite to impact their neighborhoods.”

Those wishing to volunteer or get more information about our organization please use the contact information below:
Lowell Alliance for Families and Neighborhoods: Marianne Gries at 978-454-5405 (ext. 137) or Mill City Grows: Francey Slater or Lydia Sisson or 978-656-1678 Coalition for a Better Acre: Suzanne Frechette, 978-452-7523 x801

Funding for this Build Day is provided by the City of Lowell and Mass Service Alliance.

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