It’s Your Lowell — Take the Open Space Survey (it’s fun!)

imageThe following post comes from Aaron Clausen, Senior Planner in the Department of Planning and Development:

The City of Lowell formally adopted an the current version of the Open Space Plan in July of 2005. The plan seeks to preserve and improve access to open space and recreational opportunities for all residents, as well as addres public park maintenance, environmental protection, regional greenway connections, and other citywide initiatives to protect valuable greenspace.


Although many of the objectives outlined in the current plan remain relevant, the City of Lowell is currently preparing an updated Open Space Plan in response to the changing needs of the community and an evolving environmental context. The plan will also reflect the vision of the recently completed citywide comprehensive plan, Sustianable Lowell 2025, which was developed with a significant amount of public input.

The Open Space Plan will provide a framework for the City, private, and non-profit institutions to work collaboratively in allocating resources for parks, recreation and open space over the next 5 to 10 years. The plan will guide land protection efforts, maintenance of open spaces, and enhancements made to existing recreational facilities and programs. The Open Space Plan will also enable the City to remain eligible for state funding for open space preservation and park improvement projects.


The Department of Planning and Development (DPD) has created an open space survey seeking community input specifically related to open space issues to supplement information gathered during planning process in support of Sustainable Lowell 2025.

Community input is extremely important in helping the City develop an open space plan that reflects the public’s preferences and needs, so please take a moment to participate in the survey HERE. Your contribution is a cruscial part of the planning process and will help shape the City’s vision for the future. Please complete the survey by Monday, May 27, 2013.

Copies of the survey will also be available at the Pollard Library, City Hall help desk, and Lowell Senior Centor for those without easy access to the Internet. The Open Space Survey has also been translated to Spanish, Portuguese, and Khmer and will be available at each of the above listed sites. Translated versions may also be downloaded at the following links:

Spanish Translation

Portuguese Translation (available soon)

Khmer Translation (available soon)

Primary Contact:
Aaron Clausen, Senior Planner
Department of Planning and Development
Phone: 978-674-4144

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