Welcome to Neighborland

Econ 004Hooters? Affordable housing? Macy’s? — TRADER JOE’S?! What do you want to see move into the vacant spots in YOUR neighborhood? The city’s Office of Economic Development wants to know.

Econ 016Wednesday at noon,  Lowell launched Neighborland, a civic engagement initiative to solicit ideas from the people who work and live in the city regarding how they would like the vacant ground-floor commercial/retail spaces in the downtown used. While there are challenges to being able to attract some of the suggested ideas, the city hopes to harness the creative energy of Lowell’s population to help shape the make-up of the downtown. Additionally, having a deeper understanding of what people want to bring to the city will assist the city in its business recruitment efforts.

Today “I want ______ in my neighborhood” stickers were placed on the vacant storefront of 107 Merrimack Street, previously Chantilly Place. People passing by are encouraged to use the Sharpie provided and express their thoughts. A big part of this initiative is having a presence on all social media outlets, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even the Neighborland website.

Econ 005Econ 005SHARE your ideas online at https://neighborland.com/cities/lowell-ma
TWEET photos of your stickers by using the following hash tags #Lowell #Neighborland
LEARN more about Neighborland visit: http://www.neighborland.com

Econ 007

1 thought on “Welcome to Neighborland

  1. Trader Joes for the all and any type of fun entertainment that would market to all of the college people who go in and out of the city all year long.

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