Aspiring Leaders Visit City Hall


A dozen Middlesex Community College students participating in an intensive three-day leadership and social change program visited City Hall Thursday morning to meet with Mayor Patrick Murphy.

image“Whether you are in Andover or Lowell or Westford or Chelmsford it doesn’t matter what your background is, your community needs you,” Mayor Murphy told the students.”There are a number of ways you can have an impact on your community.”

He told them about boards and commission and non-profit groups that are always looking for advisory board members. The important thing, Murphy explained, is to find a project or area of interest you are passionate about and invested in.

Murphy, for instance, is currently working to plan a trail along Hale’s Brook in the city’s Back Central Neighborhood that could be connected to Chelmsford’s Bruce Freeman Rail Trail.

He explained his dad was born in that neighborhood close to the brook, his grandfather worked at the nearby Ames Worsted Mills and his entire family played along the banks of the book, so making use of that natural resource as a benefit to the community has a deep personal connection for him.

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