“Freedom For Laos!”

Laos 017Saturday morning marked the 9th observance of Lao Heritage and Freedom Flag Day in the City of Lowell.

In 2004 the City Council, at the request of members of the Lao community, adopted the red flag adorned with a three-headed elephant as the official Lao flag recognized by the city. It was the flag flown by the Kingdom of Laos from 1952 until the royal government fell to Communism in 1975.

Laos 004Laos 001Laos 005Laos 009Laos 013Laos 022Laos 025Laos 028Laos 038Laos 062Laos 068Laos 070Laos 078Laos 079Laos 095Laos 101Laos 110Laos 123Laos 124Laos 130Laos 152Laos 168Laos 173Laos 182Laos 200Laos 203Laos 220Laos 229Laos 026


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