Shop Where You Live.

shoplocallowellYou could head to Nashua or Burlington and morph into a mall parking lot gladiator, willing to spill blood to score a parking space, only to then have to fight the crowds inside the all-the-same stores full of the same old boring gifts.

You could stay in your pajamas and scroll through page after page on until your bloodshot eyes can no longer focus, searching for the perfect gift.

THAT is why people hate the holidays. Shopping at the mall and online is stressful and is making us all anti-social grumps.

What’s the alternative? Open your eyes to what is around you. For all the complaining about there not being enough retail in Lowell and that the downtown isn’t “what it used to be,” there really is a plethora of alive, unique, inspiring shopping options. Something for everyone.

shoppingFrom homemade marshmallows to Argentine wine; handcrafted stone food slabs to video games; Indian sarees to bicycles; vintage fashions to free trade coffee.

Nationally, Saturday November 30 is Small Business Saturday. Here in Lowell, the Small Business Center, with the assistance of a marketing grant from the City’s Office of Economic Development, is running a shop local campaign.

You can sign up to win a $100 gift certificate at participating businesses and when you make a purchase you will receive a free tote bag (while supplies last).

For more information, including information and links to participating businesses, visit:

shop local

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